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ESSE.PI was established in 1987 by two brothers, Luigi and Eliseo Arnoldi, who had already gained considerable sector experience in Plastistamp, another family business established in the 1960s.

The main business of Esse.pi is injection moulding, where it has considerable know-how.

The company also has a defined expertise in thermosetting moulding and mould construction.

ESSE.PI has grown steadily in recent years, reaching its current size, 3000 sqm divided between offices, production and warehousing. It has 27 employees, an excellent fleet, 3 delivery vans which they own and two large warehouses, one for plastic pellets and one for finished products.

ESSE.PI works in various sectors, mostly for low voltage electrical material, domestic appliances and automobiles, and virtually in any field which requires the moulding of plastic parts.

The company’s main customers are ABB, CANDY, FIAT, GIO STYLE, LANCIA, PIAGGIO, VORTICE, who contribute, together with other smaller customers, about 140, to the company’s turnover.

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