Thanks to its in-house flexibility, available technology, and acquired know­how, ESSE.PI S.r.l. is an ideal partner for the construction of plastic components.

Industrial moulding is done using the most modern materials in order to ensure durability and reliability of the items produced.

The raw materials used are: thermoplastic resins (PP, PE, ABS, PA, PPO, POM, PET, PBT, PMMA), thermosetting resins (phenolic, melamine and BMC urea resins), new-generation techno-polymers (PEI, PAA, PPS, PPA, PSU, PEEK, RADEL).

The production process uses cutting-edge and highly specialised machinery and technology:

1 Pressa BMB mod. KW 1400/12500

the moulding department for thermoplastics and thermosets consists of a line of 21 horizontal injection presses with a power range of 85 to 1200 TON, and can produce, using various materials, parts within a range of 0.01 g to 3.500 g per moulding;

the production department for thermosets is equipped with 9 vertical presses from 30 to 230 TON.


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